Plugin embed in Photoshop, without open third-party software to switch. Support Ps Artboards, pixel perfect preview no matter running on Mac or Win.

Adobe XD

Support preview with Adobe XD, no Creative Clouds files needed. Both Android & iphone devices are able to connect


Plugin in Sketch makes it possible to preview in Android devices. USB and Wifi are both support to use.

Amazing Features

checkout these powerful features in Design Mirror

Cross platform

Both win and mac are support when you work with Photoshop

Pinch to zoom

You can pinch to zoom your design when need. some useful preview modes are provided.

Multi-device connecting

You can connect to computer with multi mobile devices at the same time to view the differences between devices.

App Main Features

Swipe to change

You can swipe to navigate artboards/documents, or select one by name.

Save design

Take a screenshot when you wanna save a design on your mobile phone.

Upload images

Transfer image from phone to Photoshop/Sketch never so easy.

Nexus 5 Feature

Connect through WIFI

When App and Photoshop/Sketch connect in to the same WIFI network, connection will establish automatic. Multiple devices are supported to connect at the same time.

  • Devices auto detected, also support manual ip input
  • Multiple devices support, no matter iphone or android devices
  • Convenient preview your design anywhere

Connect through USB

Connect your device to computer with USB cable, connection will establish through usb. This is extreamly useful when your network is down. USB connection is more smoothly and stability.

iPad Feature
iPad Feature

Preview with browser

You can preview your design by web browser. This is convenient when you need to share your live design with colleague. all you need is to share the link to others and they can preview your design on live.

Trial & Price

You have 15 days free trial. after that you need purchase full licence to continue.

Download Plugin & App

All you need is a plugin installed on Photoshop/Sketch and an App on your mobile phone.

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